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xinc functions (XInclude)

This is the XInclude module, which is used with the modular documents CPF application.

To use the XInclude module as part of your own XQuery module, include the following line in your XQuery prolog:

import module namespace xinc = "http://marklogic.com/xinclude" at "/MarkLogic/xinclude/xinclude.xqy";

The library namespace prefix xinc is not predefined in the server.

3 functions
Function name Description
xinc:link-expand This function performs a single level expansion of a single XInclude reference.
xinc:link-references This function returns a list of all the distinct URIs of documents referenced (either directly or indirectly) in the expansion of the node.
xinc:node-expand This function recursively examines the node for XInclude references and expands them, following the rules of the XInclude specification.