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op functions (Column and Parameter Functions)

The following functions are used in conjunction with the AccessPlan Object prototype methods to access data persisted in the row triple, triple, and lexicon indexes as well as literal row sets constructed in the program.

9 functions
Function name Description
op.as This function defines a column by assigning the value of an expression over the rows in the row set.
op.col Identifies a column where the column name is unique and a qualifier on the column name isn't necessary (and might not exist).
op.docCols Constructs a document column identifier object for columns of uri, doc, collections, metadata, permissions, quality and temporalCollection.
op.docColTypes Provides the 3rd parameter for op.fromParam for row column types.
op.fragmentIdCol Specifies a name for adding a fragment id column to the row set identifying the source documents for the rows from a view, lexicons or triples.
op.graphCol Identifies the graph for a triple providing one or more columns for a row.
op.param This function creates a placeholder for a literal value in an expression or as the offset or max for a limit.
op.schemaCol Unambiguously identifies a column with the schema name, view name, and column name.
op.viewCol Identifies a column where the combination of view and column name is unique.