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   colName as String
) as columnIdentifier


Identifies a column where the column name is unique and a qualifier on the column name isn't necessary (and might not exist).

In positions where only a column name can appear, the unqualified column name can also be provided as a string. Qualified column names cannot be provided as a string.

The returned value from this function can be modified by any of the functions described in Expression Functions For Processing Column Values in the Application Developer's Guide

colName The name of the column.


// Calculate the total expenses for each employee and return results in order of employee number.

const op = require('/MarkLogic/optic');

const employees = op.fromView('main', 'employees');
const expenses = op.fromView('main', 'expenses');
const totalexpenses  = op.col('totalexpenses');
const Plan =
employees.joinInner(expenses, op.on(employees.col('EmployeeID'), expenses.col('EmployeeID')))
   .groupBy(employees.col('EmployeeID'), ['FirstName', 'LastName', expenses.col('Category'),
    op.sum(totalexpenses, expenses.col('Amount'))])


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