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Monitor MarkLogic Server

Select a monitoring tool

Though this guide focuses on the tools available from MarkLogic that enable you to monitor MarkLogic Server, it is strongly recommended that you select an enterprise-class monitoring tool that monitors your entire computing environment to gather application, operating system, and network metrics alongside MarkLogic Server metrics.

There are many monitoring tools on the market that have key features such as alerting, trending, and log analysis to help you monitor your entire environment. MarkLogic Server includes the following monitoring tools:

  • A Monitoring dashboard that monitors MarkLogic Server. This dashboard is pre-configured to monitor specific MarkLogic Server metrics. For details, see Use the MarkLogic server Monitoring Dashboard.

  • A Monitoring History dashboard to capture and make use of historical performance data for a MarkLogic cluster. For details, see MarkLogic Server monitoring history.

  • A RESTful Management API that you can use to integrate MarkLogic Server with existing monitoring application or create your own custom monitoring applications. For details, see Use the Management API.