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Monitor MarkLogic Server


In general, you will use a monitoring tool for the following:

  • To keep track of the day-to-day operations of your MarkLogic Server environment.

  • For initial capacity planning and fine-tuning your MarkLogic Server environment. For details on how to configure your MarkLogic Server cluster, see the Scalability, Availability, and Failover Guide .

  • To troubleshoot application performance problems. For details on how to troubleshoot and resolve performance issues, see the Query Performance and Tuning Guide .

  • To troubleshoot application errors and failures.

The monitoring metrics and thresholds of interest will vary depending on your specific hardware/software environment and configuration of your MarkLogic Server cluster. This chapter lists some of the metrics of interest when configuring and troubleshooting MarkLogic Server. However, MarkLogic Server is just one part of your overall environment. The health of your cluster depends on the health of the underlying infrastructure, such as network bandwidth, disk I/O, memory, and CPU.