Frequent Asked Questions

What if my question is not answered here?

Use the #marklogic-dhf tag on StackOverflow to ask us a question.

What MarkLogic Server version works with Data Hub 5.0?

See Install for the prerequisites.

How do I deploy my own custom modules?

Place the custom modules and libraries in the standard ml-gradle location under your-project-root/src/main/ml-config.

For more details, see the ml-gradle documentation on Project Layout and Common Tasks.

Can I change the source or destination database?

Yes. Simply specify sourceDB and finalDB when running your flow from Gradle.

For example, Data Hub reads ingested data from the STAGING database and writes mapped data to the FINAL database.

How can I avoid storing passwords in my configuration files?

The easiest way to provide authentication information to the Gradle plugin is to set mlUsername and mlPassword in

If you prefer not to store passwords in plain text in a configuration file you can pass the properties to the command line with the -P flag.

gradle someTask -PmlUsername=admin -PmlUsername=admin

How do I load binaries via ingestion?

See the README file in the example Load Binaries.

How can I run Data Hub in the MarkLogic Data Hub Service?

Data Hub is part of the suite of data services included in DHS. See Deploy to Data Hub Services.

Can I import my existing Smart Mastering Core projects to Data Hub?

Yes, you can add your existing Smart Mastering Core projects to a mastering step in a flow. See Import Your Smart Mastering Core Projects.