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spell functions (Spell)

The spelling correction built-in functions are used with dictionary documents to compare words with words in the dictionary. These functions use the double metaphone algorithm, which uses the way words sound to try and suggest spelling alternatives for incorrectly-spelled words.

There is also a Spelling Dictionary Management XQuery module, which is used to load and manage dictionary documents, and is complimentary to the spelling built-in functions.

6 functions
Function name Description
spell.doubleMetaphone Given a word returns the two metaphone keys.
spell.isCorrect Returns true() if the specified word is spelled correctly, otherwise returns false().
spell.levenshteinDistance Given two strings, returns the Levenshtein distance between those strings.
spell.romanize Returns the romanization of the string, substituting basic Latin letters for the letters in the string, according to their sound.
spell.suggest Suggests a list of spellings for a word.
spell.suggestDetailed Suggests a list of spellings for a word.