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geogml functions (GML)

The GML module provides support for geospatial queries using GML markup.

To use the GML module as part of your own XQuery module, include the following line in your XQuery prolog:

import module namespace geogml = "http://marklogic.com/geospatial/gml" at "/MarkLogic/geospatial/gml.xqy";

The library namespace prefix geogml is not predefined in the server.

11 functions
Function name Description
geogml:box Create a cts:box value from a GML Envelope element.
geogml:circle Create a cts:circle value from a radius and GML Point element.
geogml:complex-polygon Create a cts:complex-polygon value from a GML Polygon element.
geogml:geospatial-query Returns a cts:query matching points within given regions.
geogml:geospatial-query-from-elements Returns a cts:query matching points within given regions.
geogml:interior-polygon Create a sequence of cts:polygon values from a GML Polygon element.
geogml:linestring Create a cts:linestring value from a GML LineString element.
geogml:parse-gml Construct regions from GML elements.
geogml:point Create a cts:point value from a GML Point element.
geogml:polygon Create a cts:polygon value from a sequence of GML Point elements or a GML Polygon element.
geogml:to-gml Construct GML elements from cts:region values.