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dom functions (Domains)

The domains module is installed as part of the Content Processing Framework. These functions are used to manage domains, which define the association of content processing with particular collections, directories, or documents.

To use the domains module as part of your own XQuery module, include the following line in your XQuery prolog:

import module namespace dom = "http://marklogic.com/cpf/domains" at "/MarkLogic/cpf/domains.xqy";

The library namespace prefix dom is not predefined in the server.

These functions should be executed in the context of the triggers database.

23 functions
Function name Description
dom:add-permissions Add permissions to the domain.
dom:add-pipeline Add another pipeline to the set of pipelines bound to the domain.
dom:collection Return the name of the collection in which domains are stored.
dom:configuration-create Create a new CPF configuration.
dom:configuration-get Returns the CPF configuration.
dom:configuration-set-default-domain Set a new default domain for the CPF configuration.
dom:configuration-set-evaluation-context Set a new context for the CPF configuration.
dom:configuration-set-permissions Set new permissions for the CPF configuration.
dom:configuration-set-restart-user Set a new restart user for the CPF configuration.
dom:create Create a new content processing domain, along with the triggers that perform work in that domain.
dom:domain-scope Create a domain scope element.
dom:domains Return all the domains.
dom:evaluation-context Create an evaluation context element.
dom:get Find a particular domain.
dom:remove Remove the domain and any associated triggers.
dom:remove-permissions Remove permissions to the domain.
dom:remove-pipeline Remove the association between a pipeline and the domain.
dom:set-description Set the description of the domain.
dom:set-domain-scope Set the scope of the domain.
dom:set-evaluation-context Set the evaluation context of the domain.
dom:set-name Set the name of the domain to something else.
dom:set-permissions Set the permissions of the domain.
dom:set-pipelines Bind a new set of pipelines to the domain.