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MarkLogic Server on Kubernetes

Tools for setting up the Kubernetes cluster

This section describes the tools needed to set up a Kubernetes cluster.

Install Minikube (for local development)

Minikube is a Kubernetes implementation that creates a virtual machine on a local machine and deploys a cluster containing a single node.

To install Minikube for local development, follow the installation instructions in the local development tutorial.

Start Minikube

To start Minikube, enter this command:

minikube start 

Minikube Dashboard

To see the components that are created when Minikube is installed, enter this command:

minikube dashboard 

Install Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service (for production)

Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service, or EKS, is a managed Kubernetes platform provided by Amazon Web Services. The eksctl tool is a simple way to bring up a Kubernetes cluster.

Install eksctl

To install eksctl, follow the installation instructions at Installing or updating eksctl.

Use eksctl to provision a Kubernetes cluster on EKS

The following eksctl code can be used to create a Kubernetes cluster in EKS. Replace the items in capital letters with the correct values for your configuration. For an explanation of the parameters, see Helm Chart parameters.

eksctl create cluster \
  --name CLUSTER_NAME \
  --region REGION \
  --nodegroup-name NODEGROUP_NAME \
  --node-type NODE_TYPE \





A unique (distinctive) name for the cluster.


The version of Kubernetes in use.


A unique (distinctive) name for the node group.


The type of node. It is recommended to set this to r5.large.


Total number of nodes running a MarkLogic database + nodes running other applications.