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xdmp:software-version() as xs:unsignedLong


Returns this host's software version


=> 8000400

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  • From what I can tell, this is a new function with MarkLogic server version 8.04. For a compatibility shim, use the following: declare namespace compat = "http://www.flatironssolutions.com/lib/marklogic/compatibility"; declare function compat:software-version() as xs:unsignedLong { try { xdmp:apply(xdmp:function(xs:QName("xdmp:software-version"))) } catch ($e) { if ($e/error:code eq "XDMP-UNDFUN") then let $v := fn:tokenize(xdmp:version(), "-") let $major := (1000000 * xs:double($v[1])) let $minor := (100 * xs:double($v[2])) return xs:unsignedLong($major + $minor) else xdmp:rethrow() } };