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   $role as xs:string
) as xs:unsignedLong


Returns the role ID for the specified role name. Unlike the security library module function sec:uid-for-name, this function can be evaluated against any database and does not need to be evaluated directly against the security database. It returns the role ID from the security database configured for the database in which the App Server evaluates against.

$role A role name.


=> 2392349873545

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  • The documentation states that this function returns an xs:integer. While it may be true that any value returned from the function could be cast as an xs:integer I'm quite sure that it will never be a negative number. Similar functions (eg: xdmp:server) return an xs:unsignedLong, wondering if that's actually the case here as well.
  • It should be noted that if the role does not exist this function will throw an exception.