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   $secretkey as item(),
   $message as item(),
   [$encoding as xs:string]
) as xs:string


Calculates the Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) using the SHA1 hash function of the given secret key and message arguments.

$secretkey The secret key. Must be xs:string or a binary node.
$message Message to be authenticated. Must be xs:string or a binary node.
$encoding Encoding format for the output string, must be "hex" for hexadecimal or "base64". Default is "hex".


  xdmp:hmac-sha1("foo", "bar")
  => "46b4ec586117154dacd49d664e5d63fdc88efb51"


  xdmp:hmac-sha1("foo", "bar", "base64")
  => "RrTsWGEXFU2s1J1mTl1j/ciO+1E="

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  • The documentation should be updated to state that the $message argument can also be a binary node, like so: xdmp:hmac-sha1("foo", binary { xs:hexBinary("DEADBEEF") }) => "7937b957e333379b22d7b61dfaed10414c9f2d81" This is the same signature as the ones for the hmac-sha256 and hmac-sha512 functions.