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   $name as xs:string,
   [$default as xs:string?]
) as xs:string*


Returns the value of a named request header.

$name Request header name.
$default A default value to return if there is no request header.


=> "foo"

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  • Are header names case-sensitive?
  • This isn't totally obvious, but if you want to get the name of the server you can use xdmp:get-request-header("Host")
    • The Host header will have the name of the Host from the client (aka browser aka user agent) perspective. That is, it will have the hostname that was in the URL, which may, or may not, be what you want.
      • Exactly what I wanted and something I suspect others will want, too.
        • FYI the Host header may not come with HTTP/1.0 requests. It was added in HTTP/1.1.