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xdmp functions (Document Conversion)

Includes the Microsoft Office convert functions using the AntennaHouse technology.

Includes the document filtering functions using the ISYS technology.

Includes the PDF convert functions using the Iceni technology.

The conversion functions are built-in to the server and support the ability to convert various document formats to XML. There are functions to convert HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint documents. The output of each of these functions is standards-compliant XHTML with cascading style sheets (CSS). Additionally, there are functions to zip and unzip documents, which can be used to support document formats that are zip archives (for example, Microsoft Office 2007 docx format).

11 functions
Function nameDescription
xdmp:document-filterFilters a wide variety of document formats, extracting metadata and text, and returning XHTML.
xdmp:excel-convertConverts a Microsoft Excel document to XHTML.
xdmp:gunzipGet a node from a gzip node.
xdmp:gzipCreate a gzip node from a node.
xdmp:pdf-convertConverts a PDF file to XHTML.
xdmp:powerpoint-convertConverts a Microsoft Powerpoint document to XHTML.
xdmp:tidyRun tidy on the specified html document to convert the document to well-formed and clean XHTML.
xdmp:word-convertConverts a Microsoft Word document to XHTML.
xdmp:zip-createCreate a zip file from a list of nodes.
xdmp:zip-getGet a named file from a zip document.
xdmp:zip-manifestReturn a manifest for this zip file.
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