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   $forestIDs as String[],
   $pathname as String,
   [$restoreToTime as Date?],
   [$journal-archiving as Boolean?],
   [$journal-archive-path as String?],
   [$incremental-backup as Boolean?],
   [$incremental-backup-path as String?],
   [$backup-passphrase as String?],
   [$forest-map as Object?]
) as String


Starts an asynchronous restore of the specified list of forests from the backup data directory. Returns a job ID that uniquely identifies the restore task.

$forestIDs A sequence of forest IDs.
$pathname A backup data directory pathname.
$restoreToTime The date and time to restore the forest data to.
$journal-archiving Whether to restore from archived journals. Defaults to false.
$journal-archive-path Path to where archived journals are stored. Defaults to the backup data directory.
$incremental-backup Whether to restore using incremental backups. Defaults to false.
$incremental-backup-path Path to where incremental backups are stored. Defaults to the backup data directory.
$backup-passphrase An additional backup passphrase that can be used to restore from backup.
$forest-map An optional forest map that specify the change of forest topology.

Required Privileges

This operation requires at least one of the following privileges:



Usage Notes

Reindexing will stop while a backup or restore is in progress.


=> 33030877979801813489


const map = {
    forest1: xdmp.arrayValues(["forest2", "forest3"]),
    forest2: xdmp.arrayValues(["forest1"]),
    forest3: xdmp.arrayValues([""])
xdmp.databaseForests(xdmp.database("db1")), "/backups/Data",
null, false, "", false, "", "", map);
=> 33030877979801813489

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