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tde functions

The table below lists all the tde built-in functions (in this namespace: http://marklogic.com/xdmp/tde).

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The tde functions are built-in functions for Extraction Templates. The tde namespace prefix is built into the server.

9 functions
Function name Description
tde:column-get-permissions This function returns the permissions granted to a protected column.
tde:column-remove-permissions This function removes all permissions from a protected column.
tde:column-set-permissions This function sets the permissions of a protected column.
tde:get-view This function returns a view's description using a schema and a view name.
tde:node-data-extract Extracts row or triple data from a list of specified documents by applying extraction templates that are either stored in the schema database or provided as a second argument.
tde:template-batch-insert This function validates and inserts multiple templates, is similar to tde:template-insert for individual template, throw errors for any invalid template or duplicate template URIs provided by sequence of argument with tde:template-info .
tde:template-info This function returns a map:map (object[]) containing individual template information used for inserting templates with tde:template-batch-insert().
tde:template-insert This function validates the template, inserts the template as a document into the tde collection of the schema database (if executed on the content database) with the default permissions, and reindexes the database.
tde:validate In addition to xdmp:validate that can be used for validating against the extraction template schema.