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   graph as sem.iri,
   permissions as Object[]
) as null


Set permissions to the graph specified. The user must have update permissions on the graph.

This function is a built-in.

graph The graph IRI.
permissions Security permission objects corresponding to the permissions for the document. If not supplied, the current user's default permissions are applied. The default value used for $permissions can be obtained by calling xdmp.defaultPermissions(). A document that is created by a non-admin user (that is, by any user who does not have the admin role) must have at least one update permission, otherwise the creation will throw an XDMP-MUSTHAVEUPDATE exception.


var sem = require('/MarkLogic/semantics'); 

    xdmp.permission( "demo-reader", "read" ),
    xdmp.permission( "demo-writer", "update"  )

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