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   $plan as map:map
) as map:map


This method generates a serialized representation of the Optic query to JSON so that it can be persisted as a file or used as a REST payload. Only the Optic query can be exported, not the results of executing an Optic query. A mapper or reducer function cannot be exported if it is an anonymous function. The export for a named function identifies the module path and function name.

For more information, see Exporting and Importing a Serialized Optic Query in the Application Developer's Guide

$plan The Optic Plan to be exported.


xquery version "1.0-ml";

import module namespace op="http://marklogic.com/optic"
     at "/MarkLogic/optic.xqy";

let $plan := op:from-view("main", "employees")
   => op:select(("EmployeeID", "FirstName", "LastName"))
   => op:order-by("EmployeeID")
   => op:export()

return xdmp:document-insert("plan.json",  xdmp:to-json($plan))


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