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   $plan as map:map,
   $column as item(),
   $expression as item()*
) as map:map


This function is deprecated in favor of the bind() function and will not be supported in MarkLogic 11.
This function adds a column based on an expression without altering the existing columns in the row set.

$plan The Optic Plan. You can either use the XQuery => chaining operator or specify the variable that captures the return value from the previous operation.
$column The name of the column to be defined.
$expression The expression that specifies the value the column in the row.


xquery version "1.0-ml";

import module namespace op="http://marklogic.com/optic"
     at "/MarkLogic/optic.xqy";

op:from-view("main", "expenses")
   => op:bind-as("ProjectedAmount", op:multiply(op:col("Amount"), 1.1))
   => op:result()

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