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fn functions (Node)

The node built-in functions are XQuery functions defined to operate on nodes. They are defined in XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators.

7 functions
Function name Description
fn.generateId Returns a string that uniquely identifies a given node.
fn.lang This function tests whether the language of $node, or the context node if the second argument is omitted, as specified by xml:lang attributes is the same as, or is a sublanguage of, the language specified by $testlang.
fn.localName Returns the local part of the name of $arg as an xs:string that will either be the zero-length string or will have the lexical form of an xs:NCName.
fn.name Returns the name of a node, as an xs:string that is either the zero-length string, or has the lexical form of an xs:QName.
fn.namespaceUri Returns the namespace URI of the xs:QName of the node specified by $arg.
fn.number Returns the value indicated by $arg or, if $arg is not specified, the context item after atomization, converted to an xs:double.
fn.root Returns the root of the tree to which $arg belongs.