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   $region as cts.region,
   [$options as String[]]
) as cts.point?


This function returns a point that is guaranteed to be inside the bounds of the given region. For a given region and set of options, the point returned should be stable from one call to the next.

$region A cts region.

Options include:

Use the named coordinate system. Valid names are wgs84 for the WGS84 coordinate system and raw for the unmapped planar coordinate system
A tolerance value. For the raw coordinate system, use the units of the coordinate system. For other (geodetic) coordinate systems, use the units specified by the units option. If the tolerance is too fine for the precision, inconsistencies may result and a larger tolerance should be used.
Distance is measured in miles.


geo.interiorPoint(cts.polygon('10,10 20,20 50,50 10,10'))

// => a cts.point with the coordinates 30,25


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