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   $value as ValueIterator,
   $label as String
) as ValueIterator


Return the input $value unchanged and, if $label is the name of an enabled server event, emit that server event to the server log file (ErrorLog.txt) with $value as its data.

$value The values to trace.
$label A string label for the trace output.

Usage Notes

In order for the trace event to print out in the log file, you must enable the trace event in the Diagnostics page (Groups > group_name > Diagnostics ) of the Admin interface for the specified label.


fn.trace("This is a trace event.", "MY TRACE EVENT")

=> If MY TRACE EVENT is defined as an enabled trace event
   in the Diagnostics page of the Admin interface, then a
   message similar to the following is added to the 
   ErrorLog.txt file:

   2015-03-20 17:56:09.346 Info: [Event:id=MY TRACE EVENT] 
                                 This is a trace event.


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