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fn.defaultCollation() as String


Returns the value of the default collation property from the static context. Components of the static context are discussed in Section C.1 Static Context Components[XP].

The default collation property can never be undefined. If it is not explicitly defined, a system defined default codepoint is used. In the 1.0 XQuery dialect, if this is not provided, the Unicode code point collation (http://www.w3.org/2005/xpath-functions/collation/codepoint) is used. In the 1.0-ml and 0.9-ml XQuery dialects, the MarkLogic-defined codepoint URI is used (http://marklogic.com/collation/codepoint).

Usage Notes

For details about collations in MarkLogic Server, see the "Encodings and Collations" chapter of the Developer's Guide.



=> http://marklogic.com/collation/

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