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   $uri as String,
   $doc as Node,
   $annotation as Sequence,
   $retain-history as Boolean,
   [$permissions as Sequence],
   [$collections as String[]],
   [$quality as Number?],
   [$forest-ids as (Number|String)[]]
) as Sequence


This function updates the managed document at the specified URI with the specified contents. This function does an implicit dls.documentPurge and returns the URI of any version of the document purged as the result of the established retention policy.

This function must be called in a separate transaction from the dls.documentCheckout and dls.documentCheckin functions.

You must first check out the document with dls.documentCheckout before you can update, otherwise an exception is thrown. If the document does not exist, then an exception is thrown.

$uri The URI of the document.
$doc The new contents of the document.
$annotation Any comments you want to add to the new versions of the documents.
$retain-history Determines whether or not to retain the document's properties fragment in the database. Set to true to retain the original document's properties in order to track when the document was updated and by whom. Otherwise, set to false.
$permissions The permissions to be set on the updated document. When run in an XQuery context, the permissions are a sequence of XML elements (sec:permission). When importing this module into a Server-Side JavaScript context, the permissions are an array of Objects. If not supplied, then the existing permissions set for the document remain.
$collections The collection URIs for the collections to which the updated document is to belong. If not supplied, then the existing collections set for the document remain.
$quality Specifies the quality of the updated document. A positive value increases the relevance score of the document in text search functions. The converse is true for a negative value. The default value is 0.
$forest-ids Specifies the ID of the forest in which the updated document is inserted. If this parameter is not specified, the updated document will remain in the original document's forest. If no such forest exists or if no such forest is attached to the context database, an error is raised. If multiple forests are specified, the document is inserted into one of the specified forests. If the document exists and the forest in which it is stored is set to delete-only, then you must set this parameter to include one or more forests that allow updates, otherwise an exception is thrown.

Required Privileges

The dls-user role is required to run this function, or the privilege:


// Updates the contents of 'baz.json'.

const dls = require('/MarkLogic/dls');
var bazbook = {
  title: "Baz Goes to the Disco",
  chapter1: "Baz wakes up",
  para: "Baz woke up this afternoon to the sound of James Brown. Soon Baz was feeling a \
            little funky, so he put on his cleanest \
              propeller hat and headed out in search of a Disco."
  "Changed the title from Baz Feelin' Funky",

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