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   $doc as node()?,
   $options as element()?
) as node()*


Convert XHTML to DocBook lite vocabulary, if possible. The section structuring depends on the presence of div elements with mlsection markers, as produced by xhtml:restructure.

doc The contents of the XHTML document.
options Conversion options in the "dbk:docbook" namespace. There are two options are defined: "wrap-text", a boolean value which causes "phrase" elements to be inserted where XHTML "span" elements were found. The default is false. "preserve-styles", a boolean value which causes the XHTML "class" attributes to be mapped to "role" attributes in the output. The default is false.


  xquery version "1.0-ml";
  import module namespace dbk = "http://marklogic.com/cpf/docbook" 
		  at "/MarkLogic/conversion/docbook.xqy";

  let $options := 
     <options xmlns="dbk:convert">
  return dbk:convert(fn:doc("http://example.com/mydoc.xhtml"), $options) 

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