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   [$node as node()]
) as xs:integer


Returns the score of a node, or of the context node if no node is provided.

node A node. Typically this is an item in the result sequence of a cts:search operation.

Usage Notes

Score is computed according to the scoring method specified in the cts:search expression, if any.

If you run cts:score on a constructed node, it always returns 0; it is primarily intended to run on nodes that are retrieved from the database (an item from a search result or an item from the result of an XPath expression that searches through the database).


(: run this on the Shakespeare content set :)
for $hit in cts:search(//SPEECH,
    cts:word-query("with flowers"))[1 to 10]
return element hit {
  attribute score { cts:score($hit) },


  xdmp:document-insert("/test.xml", <a>my test</a>);
  for $x in cts:search(doc("/test.xml"),"my test")
  return cts:score($x) => 11


  for $a in cts:search(collection(),"my test")
  where $a[cts:score() gt 10]
  return xdmp:node-uri($a) => /test.xml

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