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   $property-name as xs:string*,
   $query as cts:query
) as cts:json-property-scope-query


Returns a cts:query matching JSON properties by name with the content constrained by the given cts:query in the second parameter. Searches for matches in the specified property and all of its descendants.

property-name One or more property names to match. When multiple names are specified, the query matches if any name matches.
query A query for the property to match. If a string is entered, the string is treated as a cts:word-query of the specified string.

Usage Notes

Enabling both the word position and element word position indexes will speed up query performance for many queries that use cts:json-property-scope-query. The position indexes enable MarkLogic Server to eliminate many false-positive results, which can reduce disk I/O and processing, thereby speeding the performance of many queries. The amount of benefit will vary depending on your data.


Given a database that has a JSON document as follows:

  => .. relevance-ordered sequence of JSON documents (including
     the above document) with a property named "a" and some text value 
     anywhere within this property that includes the word or token "aa".

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