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cts functions (Geospatial Constructors)

Use the geospatial constructor functions to create geospatial primitive types such as points, boxes, circles, and polygons from raw data. You can use the resulting constructs in geospatial queries, geospatial lexicon analysis, and geospatial operations such as tests for containment or interesection.

18 functions
Function name Description
cts:box Returns a geospatial box value.
cts:box-east Returns a box's eastern boundary.
cts:box-north Returns a box's northern boundary.
cts:box-south Returns a box's southern boundary.
cts:box-west Returns a box's western boundary.
cts:circle Returns a geospatial circle value.
cts:circle-center Returns a circle's center point.
cts:circle-radius Returns a circle's radius.
cts:complex-polygon Returns a geospatial complex polygon value.
cts:complex-polygon-inner Returns a complex polygon's inner polygons.
cts:complex-polygon-outer Returns a complex polygon's outer polygon.
cts:linestring Returns a geospatial linestring value.
cts:linestring-vertices Returns a linestring's vertices.
cts:point Returns a point value.
cts:point-latitude Returns a point's latitude value.
cts:point-longitude Returns a point's longitude value.
cts:polygon Returns a geospatial polygon value.
cts:polygon-vertices Returns a polygon's vertices.