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   $element as xs.QName,
   $child as xs.QName,
   [$options as String[]]
) as cts.reference


Creates a reference to a geospatial element child range index, for use as a parameter to cts:value-tuples. This function will throw an exception if the specified range index does not exist.

$element An element QName name.
$child An element QName name.
$options Options. The default is ().

Options include:

Use the lexicon with the type specified by type (point or long-lat-point)
Use the given coordinate system. Possible values are "wgs84" and "raw".
Allow null values in tuples reported from cts:value-tuples when using this lexicon.
Read the scalar type and coordinate-system info only from the input. Do not check the definition against the context database.


cts.geospatialElementChildReference(xs.QName("location"), xs.QName("point"));

=> cts.geospatialElementChildReference(fn.QName("","location"), 
     fn.QName("","point"), ["type=point","coordinate-system=wgs84"])


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