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   config as element(configuration),
   forest-id as (Number|String),
   foreign-replicas as element(as.foreignReplica)[]
) as element(configuration)


This function writes the specified replica forest configuration into the database replication configuration. Any forest-level configuration will override the database level-configuration. This function must be executed on the master cluster.

config A configuration specification, typically as returned from one of the Admin module functions.
forest-id The ID of the forest on the master host to be replicated.
foreign-replicas The element returned by the admin:forest-foreign-replica function that specifies the configuration for the replica forest. More than one forest replica configuration elements may be specified in a one-to-many replication scheme.

Required Privileges

This operation requires at least one of the following privileges:






  const admin = require('/MarkLogic/admin.xqy');
  const cfg = admin.getConfiguration()
  const fcl = admin.clusterGetForeignClusterId(cfg, "ClusterA")
  const fdb = admin.databaseForeignReplicaGetDatabaseId(
                      admin.databaseGetForeignReplicas(cfg, xdmp.database("Documents")))
  const fforest =
    admin.forestForeignReplica(fcl, fdb , 2331251018938912591)
     admin.forestSetForeignReplicas(cfg, xdmp.forest("Documents2"), fforest)

   //Returns a configuration element that includes the specified foreign replica
   //forests.//Use admin.saveConfiguration to save the changes to the configuration
   //or pass the configuration to other Admin API functions to make other changes. 

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