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   config as element(configuration),
   cluster-id as (Number|String),
   value as Boolean
) as element(configuration)


This function is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
This function enables or disables the SSL v3 protocol for the specified foreign cluster.

config A configuration specification, typically as returned from one of the Admin module functions.
cluster-id The ID of the foreign cluster.
value Specify true to enable the SSL v3 protocol for the foreign cluster or false to disable the SSL v3 protocol.

Required Privileges



  const admin = require('/MarkLogic/admin.xqy');
  const cfg = admin.getConfiguration()
  const fcl = admin.clusterGetForeignClusterId(cfg, "ClusterA")
  admin.foreignClusterSetXdqpSslAllowSslv3(cfg, fcl, fn.false())

   //Disables the SSL v3 protocol on the foreign cluster.//Use admin.saveConfiguration
   //to save the changes to the configuration or pass the configuration to other Admin
   //API functions to make other changes. 

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