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   config as element(configuration),
   database-id as (Number|String),
   backup-encryption-key as String
) as element(configuration)


This function sets which key encryption key to use for encryption of backup for the database identified by database-id. This can only be set when an external KMS is configured.

config A configuration specification, typically as returned from one of the Admin module functions.
database-id The ID of the database to set (for example, xdmp.database("myDatabase")).
backup-encryption-key A string represents the backup encryption key. It can be either cluster-key or database-key.


//This configures the database to use the database key for backup encryption.
const admin = require('/MarkLogic/admin.xqy');
const config = admin.getConfiguration();

admin.databaseSetBackupEncryptionKey(config, xdmp.database('myDatabase'), 'database-key');

// Returns the new configuration element -- use admin.saveConfiguration to save
// the changes to the configuration or pass the configuration to other Admin API
// functions to make other changes. 

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