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   foreign-replica as element(db.foreignReplica)
) as (Number|String)


This function returns the queue size for the number of fragments or frames in-flight during database replication.

foreign-replica The element returned by the admin:forest-foreign-replica or admin:forest-get-foreign-replicas function that specifies the configuration for the replica forest.

Usage Notes

During bulk replication, this number would be the number of fragments whose replication is in-flight. For instance, the server will send 10 fragments and wait for the first one to be acknowledged before sending the 11th fragment.

During normal operation, this number applies to journal frames rather than fragments. The server will stop sending new frames once it has 10 unacknowledged frames. It will stop sending frames until it gets an acknowledgement for the oldest one.


  let admin = require("/MarkLogic/admin.xqy")
  let cfg = admin.getConfiguration()
  let freplica = admin.databaseGetForeignReplicas(cfg, xdmp.database("Documents"))

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