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   parent-namespace as String?,
   parent-localname as String,
   namespace as String?,
   localname as String,
   collation as String
) as element(db.elementAttributeWordLexicon)


This function constructs an element attribute word lexicon specification.

parent-namespace The namespace of the parent element for the attribute.
parent-localname The local name of the parent element for the attribute.
namespace The namespace URI.
localname The local name for the node.
collation The collation URI (for example, http://marklogic.com/collation/.


  const admin = require('/MarkLogic/admin.xqy');
  admin.databaseElementAttributeWordLexicon("my/namepsace", "elementname",

	"", "myAttribute", "http://marklogic.com/collation/" )
   //returns the element attribute word lexicon specification 

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