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   config as element(configuration),
   appserver-id as (Number|String),
   value as String
) as element(configuration)


This function sets an SSL hostname for the specified App Server.

The SSL hostname should only be set when a proxy or load balancer is used to represent multiple servers. In this case, you can specify an SSL hostname with this function and all instances of the application server will identify themselves as that host.

config A configuration specification, typically as returned from one of the Admin module functions.
appserver-id The ID of the App Server. Typically, this is the result of an admin.appserverGetId call.
value The SSL hostname.

Required Privileges

This operation requires at least one of the following privileges:






  const admin = require('/MarkLogic/admin.xqy');
  const config = admin.getConfiguration()
  const appServer = admin.appserverGetId(config,
          admin.groupGetId(config, "Default"),
     admin.appserverSetSslHostname(config, appServer, "AllHost")

   //Sets the SSL hostname for the "Docs" App Server to "AllHost".
   //Use admin.saveConfiguration to save the changes to the configuration
   //or pass the configuration to other Admin API functions to make other changes.  

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