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xdmp functions (JSON)

The JSON built-in functions serialize XQuery items to JSON and read a JSON string and create XQuery items from it. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data-interchange format popular mechanism for passing data from JavaScript to other programming environments.

Functions for validating JSON with JSON schema.

7 functions
Function name Description
xdmp.arrayValues Returns the array values as a Sequence.
xdmp.fromJSON Atomizes a JSON node, returning a JSON value.
xdmp.fromJsonString Parses a string as JSON, returning an item sequence.
xdmp.jsonValidate Validate a JSON node against a JSON Schema.
xdmp.jsonValidateNode Validate a JSON node against a JSON Schema.
xdmp.toJSON Constructs a JSON document.
xdmp.toJsonString Returns a string representing a JSON serialization of a given item sequence.