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   node as Node,
   schema as String,
   options as String[]
) as Node


Validate a JSON node against a JSON Schema. If the node is not valid per the schema, raise an error. Otherwise, return the input node.

node JSON node to be validated.
schema URI of the JSON schema to use for validation.
options Validation options. Supported options:
Keep trying to find all the errors.
Stop after the first error. (Default)


// Assuming the following JSON schema is in the schema database at
// "/schemas/example.json" :
//  {
//    "language": "zxx",
//    "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#",
//    "properties": {
//       "count": { "type":"integer", "minimum":0 },
//       "items": { "type":"array", "items": {"type":"string", "minLength":1 } }
//    }
//  }
var node = {"count":3, "items": [12]}; 
xdmp.jsonValidate(node, "/schemas/example.json")
XDMP-JSVALIDATEINVTYPE: xdmp.jsonValidate(node, "/schemas/example.json") -- Invalid node type: Expected node of type text, found number at NumberNode(12) using schema "/schemas/example.json"

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