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Search Developer's Guide (PDF)

Search Developer's Guide

Server version Date Revision
MarkLogic 9 May, 2017 Last Revised: 9.0-8, December 2018

This guide includes the following chapters:

  1. Developing Search Applications in MarkLogic Server
  2. Search API: Understanding and Using
  3. Searching Using String Queries
  4. Searching Using Structured Queries
  5. Searching Using Query By Example
  6. Composing cts:query Expressions
  7. Creating JavaScript Search Applications
  8. Search Customization Using Query Options
  9. Relevance Scores: Understanding and Customizing
  10. Browsing With Lexicons
  11. Using Range Queries in cts:query Expressions
  12. Using Aggregate Functions
  13. Highlighting Search Term Matches
  14. Geospatial Search Applications
  15. Entity Extraction and Enrichment
  16. Creating Alerting Applications
  17. Using fn:count vs. xdmp:estimate
  18. Understanding and Using Stemmed Searches
  19. Custom Dictionaries for Tokenizing and Stemming
  20. Extracting Metadata and Text From Binary Documents
  21. Understanding and Using Wildcard Searches
  22. Collections
  23. Using the Thesaurus Functions
  24. Using the Spelling Correction Functions
  25. Distinctive Terms and cts:similar-query
  26. Training the Classifier
  27. Results Clustering Using cts:cluster
  28. Language Support in MarkLogic Server
  29. Custom Tokenization
  30. Encodings and Collations
  31. Appendix: Query Options Reference
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