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Developing with XCC

XML Contentbase Connector for Java (XCC/J) Requirements

XCC has the following requirements:

  • Java 8 or later

  • MarkLogic Server 7.0-1 or later (on any platform)


The IBM JRE is not supported.

Note that not all XCC features are available with all versions of MarkLogic Server.

You must have MarkLogic 8 or later to use the Server-Side JavaScript and JSON features of XCC, and your classpath must include Jackson JAR files for Jackson version 2.5 or later. For more information about Jackson, see GitHub.

To use XCC in an environment that includes a load balancer or a proxy server between MarkLogic and your XCC application, some configuration is required. For details, see Using a Load Balancer or Proxy Server with an XCC Application.