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   $uri as xs:string,
   $ID as xs:unsignedLong*,
   [$vars as item()*],
   [$modules as xs:unsignedLong?],
   [$root as xs:string?]
) as item()*


[DEPRECATED: use xdmp:invoke with the database option instead] Returns the result of evaluating a module at the given path.

$uri The path of the module to be executed. The path is resolved against the root of the App Server evaluating the query. The path must resolve to a main module (not a library module).
$ID The database ID, from xdmp:database("db_name"), xdmp:security-database(), or xdmp:schema-database().
$vars The external variable values for this evaluation. This must be a sequence of even length, alternating QNames and items. Each QName and item pair specify a variable name and value.
$modules The modules database containing the module to invoke. The empty sequence specifies the current modules database.
$root The root path for modules. The empty sequence specifies the current root.


  => 2

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