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   $partition-db-id as (Number|String),
   $partition-name as String,
   $dst-db-id as (Number|String),
   [$options as String[]]
) as null


This function detaches forests in a partition from one database and attaches them to another. For details, see Transferring Partitions between Databases in the Administrator's Guide.

$partition-db-id ID of the database from which the partition will be moved.
$partition-name Name of the partition.
$dst-db-id ID of the database to which the partition will be moved.
$options Whether or not data will be deleted. Valid option value:
Specifies the number of seconds to wait for a forest to re-open after a configuration is made during the transfer operation.


const ts = require('/MarkLogic/tieredstorage');

ts.partitionTransfer(xdmp.database('srcDB'), '2017-October', xdmp.database('dstDB'));

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