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   $temporal-collection as String,
   $sibling as Node,
   $new as Node,
   [$temporal-doc-uri as String]
) as null


Adds an immediately following sibling to a node in a temporal document.

$temporal-collection The URI for the protected temporal collection in which the document is to belong. This must have been previously created by the temporal:collectionCreate function. All versions of the temporal document will be associated with this temporal collection.
$sibling The sibling node to be followed by the new node.
$new The new node to be inserted.
$temporal-doc-uri The URI of the temporal document to be updated.

Usage Notes

The fourth argument "temporal-doc-uri" is not required for documents inserted with MarkLogic 9.0 version of temporal:documentInsert or later.

Attribute nodes cannot be followed by non-attribute nodes. Non-attribute nodes cannot be followed by attribute nodes. Element nodes cannot have document node children. Document nodes cannot have multiple roots. On-the-fly constructed nodes cannot be updated.

If you want to add a named node to a JSON document in JavaScript, use the NodeBuilder API to construct a named node.

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