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   $rule-collection as xs:string*
) as xs:string*


Validate the redaction rules in one or more redaction rule collections and return the URIs of the rule documents validated.

rule-collection The URIs of the collections that contains the redaction rules to be validated. The collections must not contain any non-rule documents.

Required Privileges

This operation requires the redaction-user role or the following privilege:


Usage Notes

Use this function to perform validation of redaction rules. Rules are identified by the rule collection to which they belong. If all rules validate successfully, this function returns a list of the validated rule URIs. If any rule is invalid, this function throws the exception RDT-BADRULE. If a rule names a custom redaction for a module that is not installed in MarkLogic, the exception RDT-MODNOTFOUND is thrown.

Validation does not check the contents of the options section of a rule because this data is redaction-function specific, rather than a general characteristic of all redaction rules. If the rule uses dictionary-based masking, no validation is performed on the dictionary.

The collection(s) can contain XML rules, JSON rules, or both, but must not contain non-rule documents.

See Also


xquery version "1.0-ml";
import module namespace rdt = "http://marklogic.com/xdmp/redaction"
    at "/MarkLogic/redaction.xqy";
rdt:rule-validate(("pii-conceal", "obscure-loc"))

(: Result: Assuming the rules in the "pii-conceal" and "obscure-loc"
 : collections are valid, the URIs of all the rule documents in these
 : collections. :)

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