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   plan as PreparePlan
) as Array


This function can be used to inspect the state of a plan before execution. It returns the information about each column in the plan, including schema name, view name, column name, data type and nullability. It also returns the information about system columns.

plan The plan to be inspected.

Usage Notes

Method columnInfo() cannot inspect the columns after a map() or reduce().


const op = require('/MarkLogic/optic');

op.fromView('main', 'employees').columnInfo();

/* results may look like below
{"schema":"opticUnitTest", "view":"musician", "column":"lastName", "type":"string", "nullable":false}
{"schema":"opticUnitTest", "view":"musician", "column":"firstName", "type":"string", "nullable":false}
{"schema":"opticUnitTest", "view":"musician", "column":"dob", "type":"date", "nullable":false}
{"schema":"opticUnitTest", "view":"musician", "column":"rowid", "type":"rowid", "nullable":false}
{"schema":"opticUnitTest", "view":"musician", "column":"__docid", "type":"fraghint", "nullable":false}
{"schema":"opticUnitTest", "view":"musician", "column":"__content", "type":"value", "nullable":false}


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