xs:anySimpleType Server Expression

A server expression that returns a value of (or implicitly castable to) the xs:anySimpleType server type. For all server types, see the Server Expression Type Hierarchy.




rdf:langString sem:bnode sem:invalid sem:iri sem:unknown xs:anyAtomicType
xs:anyAtomicType xs:anyURI xs:base64Binary xs:boolean xs:byte xs:date
xs:date xs:dateTime xs:dayTimeDuration xs:decimal xs:double xs:duration
xs:duration xs:float xs:gDay xs:gMonth xs:gMonthDay xs:gYear
xs:gYear xs:gYearMonth xs:hexBinary xs:int xs:integer xs:language
xs:language xs:long xs:Name xs:NCName xs:negativeInteger xs:NMTOKEN
xs:NMTOKEN xs:nonNegativeInteger xs:nonPositiveInteger xs:normalizedString xs:numeric xs:positiveInteger
xs:positiveInteger xs:QName xs:short xs:string xs:time xs:token
xs:token xs:unsignedByte xs:unsignedInt xs:unsignedLong xs:unsignedShort xs:untypedAtomic
xs:untypedAtomic xs:yearMonthDuration