node Server Expression

A server expression that returns a value of (or implicitly castable to) the node server type. For all server types, see the Server Expression Type Hierarchy.

Parameter Of

Server Return Type Server Function Java Doc Server Doc
xs:anyURI? fn:base-uri(node arg?) java server
xs:anyURI? fn:document-uri(node arg?) java server
xs:string fn:generate-id(node node?) java server
xs:boolean fn:lang(xs:string testlang?, node node?) java server
xs:string fn:local-name(node arg?) java server
xs:string fn:name(node arg?) java server
xs:anyURI fn:namespace-uri(node arg?) java server
xs:boolean? fn:nilled(node arg?) java server
xs:QName? fn:node-name(node arg?) java server
node? fn:root(node arg?) java server
item* xdmp:from-json(node arg) java server
xs:string* xdmp:node-collections(node node) java server
map:map? xdmp:node-metadata(node node) java server
xs:string? xdmp:node-metadata-value(node node, xs:string keyName) java server
xs:string xdmp:node-kind(node node) java server
item* xdmp:node-permissions(node node, xs:string output-kind) java server
xs:string? xdmp:node-uri(node node) java server
xs:string xdmp:path(node node, xs:boolean include-document?) java server

Return Value Of

Server Return Type Server Function Java Doc Server Doc
node? fn:root(node arg?) java server
node xdmp:to-json(item item*) java server