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Monitor MarkLogic Server

Monitor rates and loads

In general, rates and loads measure how efficiently data is exchanged between applications and MarkLogic Server. Rates and loads are defined as follows:

  • Rates — The amount of data (MB per second) currently being read from or written to MarkLogic Server.

  • Loads — The execution time (in seconds) of current read and write requests, which includes the time requests spend in the wait queue when maximum throughput is achieved.

For details on how to interpret rates and loads, see What is happening on the MarkLogic Server cluster now?.

To display monitoring data related to rates and loads, select the Rates and Loads tab in the top left-hand portion of the Monitoring Dashboard.

There are three types of rates and loads monitoring data. Select the type of rates and loads data by clicking on one of the three buttons displayed under Rates and Loads.