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Monitor MarkLogic Server

Terms used in this chapter

  • An Object is a component of interest in MarkLogic Server, such as a cluster, host, App Server, or database.

  • A Process is a request or transaction in MarkLogic Server.

  • Monitor Content is the XML, HTML, or JSON structure that represents the data returned by the Management API.

  • A Monitor Application can be any application that requests and makes use of monitoring data, such as a Web browser, a plugin for an existing monitoring tool, or the Monitoring Dashboard described in Use the MarkLogic server Monitoring Dashboard.

  • The Monitor Host is the host in the MarkLogic Server cluster that exposes the Management API to respond to requests for monitoring content from a monitor application.

  • The Manage App Server is the App Server on the Monitor Host that is configured to handle monitor requests. The Manage App Server is bound to port 8002 and is the App Server used by the Monitoring Dashboard.

  • REST stands for Representational State Transfer, which is an architectural style that, in the context of monitoring MarkLogic Server, describes the use of HTTP to make calls between a monitoring application and monitor host.

  • A Resource is an abstraction of a MarkLogic Server object, as represented by the REST architecture.

  • A Resource Address is a URL that identifies a MarkLogic Server resource. The resource addresses are described in Resource addresses.

  • A View is the returned monitoring information about a resource. You can have different views of the same resource. A view can be for a single resource (known as an item view) or a number of resources (known as a list view).

  • A Representation is a view of a resource in a particular format, such as XML, HTML, or JSON.

  • A Parameter is an addition to the end of a resource address to filter and/or format the view returned from MarkLogic Server. Parameters are expressed as query strings in the URL and are described in Specify parameters in a resource address.

  • An Endpoint is an XQuery module on MarkLogic Server that is invoked by and responds to an HTTP request for monitoring information.

  • A Plugin is an XQuery module that provides extension capabilities using the Plugin framework described in the System Plugin Framework section in Developing Server-Side Applications.