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Monitor MarkLogic Server

Understand telemetry

If telemetry is enabled, MarkLogic Server registers with a well-known endpoint. Data is collected from each host in a cluster: log records from the Error log (ErrorLog.txt which contains system logs), monitoring history and usage data (XML documents from the Meters database), application and host config files from Data/*.xml, (including license key feature and entitlement info) and Telemetry Usage data. See Telemetry usage feature for more information. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Application data have been physically split from System data (into application-specific log files), and are not collected. Only System data is collected for Telemetry. Telemetry data is sent to secured cloud storage in a protected location. See View monitoring history for more about monitoring history and the Meters database.

The type and granularity of data sent via telemetry is configurable. You can:

  • Enable/disable log data: to collect log data; you can select values for the level of logging from fine through debug to emergency levels

  • Enable/disable metering history data: to collect metering history data at the level you choose

  • Enable/disable host/cluster configuration data: to collect any changes to configuration files

  • Enable/disable usage data: to collect Telemetry usage data

The MarkLogic telemetry feature enables you to send relevant historical data to MarkLogic Support to facilitate troubleshooting and resolution of issues.